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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dream last night 6-21-2017 - Marty Breeden

I began to hear chatter of an imminent attack. I opened my front door and observed a multi colored mushroom cloud over a city that I know well.
I knew this city was gone, the inhabitants perished.Those who survived the initial blast, would now deal with all that comes after.
There were other attacks coming and we all knew it. Government warning systems were sounding the ALARM telling the people another attack would happen within moments.
This time I was allowed to look into corporate America.
I saw CEO'S and workers walking up to one another saying their good-byes.
It made no difference from the Corporate President to the janitor, everyone fell on each others neck and said goodbye for the last time.
It was dark outside and not a normal dark. The Bible says "gross darkness shall cover the earth" and this is what I saw.
This darkness was tangible and beyond the normal dark night skies.
I then witnessed a frightening scene.
I saw a pale green poisonous plague cover the entire land.
I saw much death and pain. I saw many tears, some were tears of fear, some of tears of loss.
I remember looking over the nation and seeing manufacturing facilities shutting down in mid production. I saw school systems sending home their admin staff amongst many tears.
I saw the looks of fear and anguish upon the people as they knew what was about to happen, and they knew they were powerless to stop it.
Even those who had been the seemingly strongest personalities around us were now broken.
I saw others who had the Light of God in them, helping others prepare now for their eternity.
Those who HAD BEEN previously rejected, and mocked and maligned were now being SOUGHT OUT to have them talk to and pray for those who were about to face their God.
I could hear the names of those secure in their faith being called out, beckoned, asked to come.
Those who at one time were not part of "the click", was now THE most valued person because of their faith.
I remember one corporate head saying,...
"Well get her over here FAST, she's a Christian!, we don't have much time"..."Tell her to come and pray with us!" Even the sinner was telling the sinner to seek God, because He was their only hope!
I awoke...

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