There are many disinformation sites out there, and some of this information could be incorrect, PLEASE research the veracity with Godly diligence. Since we have no way to be absolutely certain of the veracity of any of these claims, take each one to the LORD in prayer. Be wise as a serpent, but gentle as a dove.
The articles below are ones that we have found to maybe contain the truth. The articles may contain prophetic information and will be specified if they do. I do not endorse or necessarily believe everything in these articles, but I believe everybody should read and listen and make a decision for themselves.


John 14:6 Jesus said to him, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.'

Thursday, June 22, 2017


6-22-17 - Dan

Why do you continue to search for living amongst the dead? I am the light of the world. I am the beacon of hope for the hopeless. Evil hides from me, it fears my name. It's time is short. Take heed for the signs are all around you. Open your eyes and you shall see. I have anointed my chosen. I have put my words in their mouth. They wear the banner of humility. Look around you my children, you wear the scars of this battle. For in Truth, there is no surrender. I have inclined my ear and heard their cries. Promises made shall be kept. Stand Tall for you are the warriors of Truth. I shall fortify you for what lies ahead for soon you shall be with me in my Father's house.

6-20-17 - Barbra

The devil has been roaming the earth, devouring souls. Men's hearts have grown cold and dark. The separation between darkness and light is visible. Families are being destroyed. This strategy is divide and conquer. This strategy will leave women and children vulnerable. The darkness is here. The evil deeds are hidden in the night. Prepare for the Light of the world to return. The Season of Seven's has begun. You will see weeping and gnashing of teeth. It is written. You will see a sign in the stars. He who has an ear, listen to what the Spirit says.

6-19-17 - Barbra

Woe to the inhabitants of Babylon. You see the judgment coming, and yet as you look around you, don't believe it is for you. You can't see your own sin. You look at others, point and judge. I am the righteous judge. I find you wanting; hiding your eyes from Me. Many are wearing sackcloth and ashes, and have humbled themselves before Me. You need to look at your own sin and awaken to the truth. You act righteous, but when you stand before Me, I will say I never knew you. My commandments you have not followed. Fire and brimstone will rain from the sky. Repent now, and humble yourselves.

6-18-17 - Barbra

Speak this message to the multitude: Why do you seek the living among the dead? False gods, perverted doctrine, idol worship? My word is the life, and written in man’s heart. There is one God and one Mediator; all others are false. I see many bowing to the dead, and idols made of stone and wood. A war rages on in the darkness. Many looking for the truth with closed eyes. I see abomination after abomination with My own eyes...murdered in my name yet I have not called for this. You men of earth, you will reap what you sow. You believe the lies after being shown the truth. Soon the truth will stand before you and you will bow down. All those who worship and follow the beast will be thrown into the lake of fire. Just as all My children are numbered, the beast has a number. It is the number of a man; 666. Many continue to believe the deception. Open your eyes and ears men of earth.

6-10-17 - Barbra

I will not tarry any longer. The beast, the man of perdition, prepares his plans. He will be making important decisions.
He has many followers. He has devised plans and made many friends to help him with his agenda. Those that remain behind must follow him.
He is a liar without knowing The Truth. Many will be put to death under his reign. He who has an ear, listen to what The Spirit says.

Then Barb said that these last 3 prophecies from the past couple days all tie together, and this one also specifically ties in with a prior prophecy given on 2-9-13,

“He who has an ear, listen to what the beast says”

6-10-17 - Barbra

Have you prepared for the Great Exodus? Is your house in order? Many believing they were chosen will remain behind. What is required is a repentant heart. Have you repented and turned from your sin? The Appointed Times are upon us. Sudden destruction and judgment follows. The scoffers and mockers with see these things with their own eyes. They will fall on the ground and beg for mercy. They will cry tears into the dirt. Their sin will be brought to their remembrance. I will show them the faces of those they laughed at. Every deed has been recorded in The Book since the beginning. Moments of love and moments of hate. You can't run from yourself. You have heard warnings from My messengers and prophets from the beginning. Now it's time, as the Great Exodus is at hand.

6-9-17 -  Barbra

Every night, I sit down beside you. Do you know I am there? I know all your thoughts. Many of you have suffered great losses in your family, and lived with illness-you or your loved ones suffering, and then your loved ones death. What I love about you is how you keep going on, you don't complain to Me. I hear all your prayers. I know you have questions. The time grows closer for you to receive the answers. I have given many of you a glimpse of the light. I wrapped you in My comfort. My Spirit gave you wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Everything happens for a reason. There is no coincidence. Did you meet someone new today? I put them on your path. There is a purpose for everyone in your life right now. I would like you to consider these things before we leave. I will bring you home soon. Those of the light cannot dwell together with those of the darkness. Much will be revealed to those who trust and believe.

5-27-17 - Barbra

Hear, o Israel! The Lord, our God, the Lord is one! The remnant, called and chosen, is numbered - 144,000. Awaken, there is little time! You have been counted worthy. Your time comes. All the world's eyes will be upon you. You have been given heavenly instruction. You are in the world, yet, you are not of the world. You have been set apart. A great change is coming. It is at the door. Many will be removed. Chaos and destruction will follow. The clock is silent, for it is written: With judgment so close, the evildoers have no fear of what awaits them. They just go on committing abominations and living in their unrepented sin. My eyes can see it

5-15-17 - Barbra

Daughter, speak this message. Prophesy to the multitude, for I see many asleep. This is not the time to slumber. These are dangerous, perilous times. As was written, the foolish virgins are busy spreading lies and false stories to the sheep. Not called, they in turn repeat these stories, and pass along false information, lies, to anyone seeking a sign or word of knowledge. This will remove all hope and faith. Children, you must endure many trials. You will see tribulation. Do not be deceived by liars and sorcerers. Test all spirits. My Word is Truth. The time is later than worldly men and scholars believe. I have heard and seen their lies with My own ears and eyes! You now must discern the truth. The seals as opened will create great quakes on your earth. This is the truth. I have already opened the first seal. Those having wisdom, knowledge and understanding know this truth. 

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