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John 14:6 Jesus said to him, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.'

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Warning from sister Bette Stevens - 7-12-17

Be very careful about setting any kind of prophetic dates or years,I hear the Lord once more saying,things are not all going to happen the way people think it will be.
There are things that are going to take place to shake the church,the government and the nation......
Too much tolerance,little resistance and far more division.......
Judgement takes place because people do not speak out against sin very often.......We tend to be ,oh, so very polite,
yet when we go to church,your mind is not on me,(Jesus),but more to what your going to be doing or involved in after church,,,,speaking one way politely to someone,and then the next minute your gossiping ,making excuses why you can't make it to church or fellowship....or even a bible study.......
Then ,there are the feel good.I am ok messages......How can you be of the world and yet call me Lord????????
Then ,there are those I have called and given a charge to give a message or warning,yet they do nothing........Do you not know that is rebellion in my eyes?????
Nation,you have had your time,,,,,,,,you are about ready to be cut off from my hand of protection and warning.......
Church ,if you do not come back and begin to prepare your people with truth ,I will cut your candlestick.....
Government,you bring much delusion with you........some of you put My name to many things,and yet,your heart is far from Me,I will spew you out of My mouth soon.,,,,,,,
Hear Me,The Kingdom of God is at hand,,,,,,,
The Kingdom of the Church is at hand.........
I will destroy all that is not of me,in the church,in the government,and in the land,,,,,,
Be ye therefore warned:::::::::
time is running out,faster than you can imagine,be ye ready to give an answer when I call.........Selah!!!!!!!!!

I bring this too you from the Lord today......Hear His voice and pray.......

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  1. I no longer believe that the hand of protection of the Lord is on America