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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dream of Children and an Elevator - Terri Hill

I had a dream last night in which I knew that I was given the oversight of caring for 2 "children", a boy and a girl. These were not my own children, they belonged to someone else. They were not little children, they were older.

The three of us were in a very large outdoor area walking around. There were many people around us, and many attractions as well, in what seemed to be something like a tourist attraction or amusement park with many activities happening everywhere. The children stayed with me while we walked.

But then, I remember stepping into an elevator and when the elevator arrived at the next level, and the door was opened, the children weren't there. I was shocked and dismayed; the boy and the girl were not with me as I stepped out of the elevator. This was strange because I had been watching over them and walking with them the whole time. I did not have the sense that I had neglected them nor had I abandoned them.

Somehow, I knew that they had run off on their own; they had been distracted by something they saw on the lower level and they were not with me when I stepped off from the elevator.

I was very disturbed when I realized they were missing. I spoke to someone in authority on that level, asking them, if they had seen the lost children who had separated from me and what could I do to find them?

Then I woke up.

I asked the Lord when I woke up from the dream for some understanding because it troubled me. Had I missed the mark in not properly watching over some "children" entrusted into my care?
Had I neglected them in some way or was I not watching over them properly? What happened that they were separated from me?

This is the impression I was given when I asked the Lord about it this morning:

1. I (we) have been walking with, and have been ministering to "children", both male and female.
2. When I (we) step into the VERY SMALL PLACE OF CONFINEMENT in Christ, some "children" will not want to go with us. Some will flee; they will not want to enter into a place of strict obedience, restraint and confinement to the will of God.
3. I (we) cannot force anyone to follow us; we can only lead by example. The elevator (which is very small, and ENCLOSES US TO THE OUTSIDE) is the only means, the "way up" to the next level.
4. The "children" who ran away were carnal and immature. They had chosen to stay below on the large, lower level where they could move about freely as they wanted, where there were many "activities and amusements".
5. The "distractions" in the large lower area had kept them bound to a lower spiritual plane (level), therefore, they did not "go up" (ascend) on the elevator.

I thought about this scripture and the words of Jesus to Peter:
"I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, when you were young, you girded yourself - put on your own belt (girdle) - and YOU WALKED ABOUT WHEREVER YOU PLEASED to go. But when you grow old you will stretch out your hands and someone else will put a girdle (RESTRAINT) around you, and carry you where you do not wish to go"; John 21:18(Amplified)

Terri Hill

God Bless You

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