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Friday, August 11, 2017

There is Going to be a Great Thunder of My Seven Thunders....Alas Some Will be the Five Foolish and Will Have to Stay for Final Refinement - Wendi Lee

Father 11Aug2017

What do my children think about Papa Abba's signs in My heavens? What do my children think about all of my signs and wonders coming? I tell you the truth there will be even more signs and wonders that Papa has hidden from man. It will be such a time that great faith in My Son is needed in order for you to be able to communicate with My Son. You must have your complete trust given to My Son Yeshua. There is going to be a great thunder of my seven thunders. It will be revealed now. Many of you My Son's bride are not looking for My great signs that has been written. This will be to the much dismay of My beloveds. Why do you discount things as though they do not have any significance? Father says to look up, look to My sun moon and stars. These are My chosen signs and will be the greatest. Some have already been, my blood moons and because My Son Yeshua has not been sent yet doubt and unbelief that I AM speaking through my creation. Have you read My book of Genesis? Have you listened to man? Man is a liar. Do not trust man. Trust your Mighty and Faithful God Yahaveh. If God did not cared for man and had not saved him from the fallen state corrupted and born in sin then I would not go through all the extreme measures of warning my people. Again My children these signs are not just for man's amusement. They are foretelling of man's coming judgment. Papa God Yaheveh King Eternal has spoken.

King Yeshua 11August2017

All of My wonderful beloveds and saints of the most high. God Yaheveh has great things in store for all of you. Yes I sure do. However,as I was upon My earth and even My own received Me not.So you too will be rejected, the Pharisees and Saducees of today are in my church. These are those who ridicule, mock, and scoff at My true servants who I have set as My mouthpieces. My loves, I have chosen to speak through certain of My children and what God has chosen and called will never be revoked. Some of my mouthpieces go through extreme training and some who are set for a different type of ministry go through some training. All of my training is different but there are different ranks and levels. These can reject and choose not to go through My way of teaching. It is their choice I do not make hearts do My good pleasure. I do rend hearts as I see fit. God is all powerful and all knowing and I know who I have chosen and who will follow my instructions. All of My pure and spotless and true bride will be used in many different areas of My world. If you are at My feet with all of your heart you will soon know what you will be doing for your Lord and Saviour. You will be changed if you have given Me all of you. I am the righteous judge I desire for all to be My true bride. Alas, some will be the five foolish and will have to stay for final refinement. It will not be pleasant and there will be no rest. But if you begin to cling to Me you will have My incredible peace. I will not abandon those who belong to me. Know this my bride. Your beloved and your very heart King Yeshua Ha Maschiac.

Transcribed from https://youtu.be/84RFk_fGBXc

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