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Monday, September 25, 2017

Burn Baby Burn! - Bette Stevens

September 25th, 2017
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Sitting at my desk doing some research and I suddenly from out of nowhere here the words,
"Burn Baby Burn!,"     silence and then again, "Burn Baby Burn!”

I was then in an open vision and I saw fire everywhere, it was literally everywhere,
Every place was burning, and the smoke made you cough and it literally took my breath
away.......and then I saw something hit the ground, and it’s a holocaust, it’s a holocaust,
It was a type of hydrogen bomb, America was being destroyed, and in one hour, she looked
no more like she once was.
I knew what had happened. A Hydrogen Holocaust and it didn't even take very long to happen....along with other fires already going on......

I sat there a little while and couldn't speak, the tears came to my eyes and I laid my head down right there, and said, My God! My God! O My God.....Why?????Why Lord???????
and it was the Lord's voice that said, Don’t you know????? and I said Yes I guess I do....Its 
just taking a little time for me to take it all in.......
The Lord said, research and look...and I was looking at some of Steve Quayle's posts, (I am not 
always on there a lot) but anyway, I was looking and then I saw it, the title read
"America is going to be destroyed by fire...."Few will escape it and it will engulf America
and it will come unexpectedly....." and it was by Dave Wilkerson......

The Holy Spirit was all over me and in that moment I knew, I just knew, America does not have 
much more time.......before this judgement comes......I knew it was going to be huge.........
I asked the Lord, will it be coming now, pretty soon, and right away I heard, Wait, it will come 
and it is in the works.......
He said; You know, the stench of America's as well as other nations is sin and people think   I
will hold back and tolerate this.......but no longer.....The intensity of sin has brought the 
intensity of much judgement......
There was a little more, but at this point I am not able to release just yet,,,nor my own thoughts on this,,,,
I am drained just sitting here, and knowing America's fate is very close at hand.......

God bless you and God grant us the wisdom to make sure that our foundation in Him is really solid and that we are ready everyday.........

In His Service


  1. OK.. Blessings all. There have been many words, visions, dreams concerning this country on fire. My question is will it be a fire that will glorify or burn?  I want to share a dream I had in which fire was the main theme. Yet it was not a judgement against the world as much as it was against the Church. DREAM: I am looking out my kitchen window, it is dusk, very little light. An angel appears to my left, places his left index finger on my left cheek and eye pointing to the sky. he says: "LOOK" I then see a circle of twelve stars in the sky begin to rotate counter-clockwise. A second circle of twelve stars appear, and rotates the same way. Then within each of the two circle of stars appear fourteen smaller circle of stars. They all break up and begin dancing in the sky in unison, following a pattern of flowing and going up and down. Suddenly, the second line shoots to the earth at blinding speed, behind a mountain that appears in front of us out the window. A few seconds go by, then these stars come over the mountain and shoot over our heads with thunderous roars. There were blue flames coming out the back of each star. I run to the bathroom to see where they were going. I look out the window, and it become a huge picture window in which I am standing outside. I see these stars firing lightning bolts like machine guns, seeing fire and massive explosions as far as the eye can see, with everything being destroyed. The explosions were deafening. I run into the kitchen, kneel by the table and begin to pray. My wife comes out of the parlor in a floor length white robe. She looks at me sleepily asking what is going on. I then say: "Haven't you heard of the "Great Chastisement" Another woman appears in a floor length white robe and gives me an stern look of disdain at what I just said.( In the dream, I thought this to be the "Sleeping Church" and the "Disbelieving Church" ) I then get back to praying as the explosions came closer to the house, knowing it was a matter of time before the house was hit. Wake up!! The interpretation is rather lengthy, but in short, the stars were God's divine government, and the enemy's counterfeit authority. ( 12 being God's perfect govt. )  It was the second set of stars that fell to the earth.( Rev. 12:12 ) The enemy lost his place in heaven and was hurled to the earth: "But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short." This is the "Cliff Note" version, but it is obvious what we face if we do not return to our first love. This is not an American problem, it is a Church problem! I will leave with words I may have posted before, but "repetition breeds retention"  "When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and foe, with all the "FIRE" of your faith.. Abraham Kuyper.. Dwayne..><(("<


  2. I am wondering if the last post I wrote with the dream can be sent to the new site, it seems to coincide with a dream Jeff Byerly posted.....Thanks, and God bless your new site!! ><(("<