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Friday, September 22, 2017

Erin's Path Dream 32 - He Is Coming - Sparrowcloud9 - 12/20/12

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From all of these points evil of every kind began to unleash punishment over the land. I saw these fallen commanding earthly armies to invade North America. “Lord is this real time?”

HIM: “Yes remember the 3 day rule I taught you in the dome?”

ERIN: “Yes, but we need to be out of here. We can’t be here for this. Remember when You told me that you would not allow your bride to be bruised and battered at the wedding. Correct?”

HIM: “Yes this is what I said but it doesn’t mean you will be immune to the suffering of others.”

He showed me missiles being launched in the night hours. These missiles were being launched on a day we would be off-guard. I saw all of the perimeter cities of the North American continent being destroyed. I saw communication knocked out and whole power grids being obliterated. I saw darkness and cold. I saw mourning and wailing like nothing before. I saw invading armies warring with the remnant of the armed forces inland. I saw swarms of people like locusts fleeing to the center of the country. I saw citizens of other countries in our own cities turning away people at gas stations and grocery stores. I saw most of the food being contaminated. It happened so quickly. It came like a flood, like a thief, millions were gone. People were cursing God!

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