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Saturday, September 23, 2017

My Rage of Fire is coming. Shout My Faithful Children...You have now turned into a new season a time that has never been before - Sister Wendi Lee

22 September 2017 Bible Study   


My Rage of Fire is coming. Shout My Faithful Children. Shout for all to come into the arms of My Son Yeshua Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Papa has said this is coming. Papa hath warned. Papa has given much time of My Tender Mercies. This time that My Face is turned unto My Rebellious Children is now done. It is over. My Wrath comes and who shall be able to stand?  My Lovely Ones who drape My Son over their very lives. My Sincere and Meek and Tenderhearted Ones who want my Son Yeshua's Heart always. Papa Yaheveh God Almighty says these are those who will be able to stand. This is not for the weak of heart who turns their face against My Son when threatened with life's problems. I say to you turn your eyes upon My Precious Son. He was born on this earth My Children. Look up to My Stars and see this truth. Papa God Yaheveh has laid this event out for all of My Children to see. My Son Yeshua was not born in December but on Rosh Hashana. This has been a deep mystery one that I have not revealed very days. My Son ever liveth to intercede on each of His Faithfuls behalf. Child it is here, the coming of My Glory it is here. It has begun. My Faithful Chosen will soon go forth in all of My Holy Spirits strength and the enemy shall melt before them for they shall carry My Might and My Love. The enemy knows not My Everlasting Love and it burns him.
 I AM a consuming fire saith God the Father the Great Jehovah I AM. 
I AM has spoken.

King Yeshua

Yes My Children of Mine you heard from My Father just now. My Daughter is in a bit of anguish right now but I Yeshua God of All Things have told her she will  speak forth My Father God Yaheveh's Words. My Glory is in Him and I do always as My Father wills. Why would not the Creator of the Universe have My Earthly Birth the same day I created man? Why would not the Son of Man shown who I AM on that day? I AM the lamb that was led to the slaughter. My Faithful Ones, can you not see what is about to take place? You will now be repeating what happened after I was born. The Pharisees you shall encounter and they shall be against you. You shall be put in prison for ten days. Those of you who have been chosen I have warned in My Word. I have warned through all of My Prophets. You have now turned into a new season a time that has never been before and never will be again. And just as I ascended up to My Father twice, so shall it be again in the form of My Children coming up to me. Kneel down before Me My Lovely Ones ask if these words are directly from Yeshua the King. I WILL CONFIRM THIS TO YOU. 
He who has ears hear what My Holy Spirit is telling you. 

Transcribed from  https://youtu.be/fxiIfYCNXtE

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