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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WARNING to America from YEHOVAH - Rhonda Doerr

September 1, 2017

HE opened the Word to Jeremiah 18 - The lesson of the Potter - but told me it was to the nation of America. HE told me to read and write down, as I was writing I was to change as HE told me. Then HE proceeded to give me the message along with a visual. The following is what HE gave me to share.

Oh the nation of America, cannot I do with you as the potter?

The potter put a piece of clay on the wheel and begins to work it with his hands - the vessel that he made with clay was ruined, so he remade it into another vessel.

Oh nation of America, am I not able to do with you as this potter? Look at the clay in the potters' hand so are you in My hand, O America.

The moment I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it. If that nation shall turn from it's evil because I have spoken against it, then I shall turn from the evil that I thought to allow.

The moment I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build and plant it: if it shall do evil in my eyes, not obeying My voice - then I shall turn from the good with which I spoke of doing to it.

Thus I speak to the people of America a nation that once it’s people honored Me and turned to Me ..but you have fallen!!!

You have fallen deep in to darkness of sin and iniquity - the darkness covers your eyes, minds and spirits, you cannot see what is happening around you and the time that you are in.

Destruction and death are at your door. My messengers are warning, warning and warning but you do not listen: you mock them and say you are “saved under grace”. REPENT and FOLLOW My Divine Law as Moses was told and as My Beloved Son, Yeshua DID!

Read My Word from the beginning to the end, the Divine Law has not changed - only the enemy says it has - for the Divine Law is ETERNAL.

Woe, Woe, Woe America, you are down cast and only going deeper if you do not stop lying, cheating and fornicating. Turn off the sports, the evil ‘programming’ of your televisions, turn off your filth called music all which sends a stench to My Throne.

America you are so deep in a pit of dung, you are playing in it like it is a fresh pool of water. If you want to continue to play in your filth I will flood your cities with your sewage, this is what your ways are to Me. You are swimming in your own dung and disease. (Visual He gave me - He showed me people swimming in a large toilet bowl after someone had a seriously bad case of diarrhea. It was meant to be throughly disgusting as the way we live our lives are to Him, but we think we are all good.)

I am speaking to those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.

This message is for the ‘believers’ only. This is the filth around you in your homes, around your children, in your work places and in your places of worship. You do not honor My holy and set apart days as instructed.

I am allowing evil and allowing plans to be devised against you, oh America. Return now everyone from his evil and wicked ways and make your deeds good, your paths straight and narrow according to My standards.

I know already you say you will not, for you will walk according to your own ways and according to your own plans and do the stubbornness of your own hearts.

You have turned from Me, some of your lips proclaim Me and My Son, but your hearts are far, far from Me, for your deeds are evil. I warn you to turn from them now. I have been warning through My messengers but you mock them. You argue with them when they tell you that one must obey the Divine Law. Woe to you that have not taken heed of My Words and My warnings.

Turn to what is pure and good in My eyes, come to My grace and mercy now, for judgment has begun and it starts with those who say they are Mine. Judgment begins in ‘the House of the LORD.’

I am angry and my judgment will be just, as I am a fair Judge. REPENT NOW - turn from your evil ways! Seek Me and ask what you need to change in your lives. Let Me mold your lives as the Potter molds the clay. Do as My Word instructs, turn away from the evils of the world, come in to My secret hiding place - or you will be destroyed by the things coming.

Every knee WILL bow.

…but My people, WILL YOU OBEY ME?




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